Friday, April 12, 2013

Dark side of David at (New BooK) Thriller, Sex, Rape, Children

 Robert Swetz continues to wait patiently for his new book DARK SIDE OF DAVID to be published.

 It's been a long grueling 3 years now trying to finish this book. I have been waiting for the publishing company for a long time now and I wish they would push this project faster.

 I am hoping to have 25 copies by the end of next week, around April 19th. I am not holding my breath because I would turn blue in the face and more than likely die ...

 There are hundreds of people that want a copy of this book and I have a website at ... There are over 500 people that have signed up to receive updates and news about the new release of the book.

 Here is a business card I had designed over 2 years ago and there is a website at and for anyone interested in purchasing a book directly from Robert Swetz go to

 Robert Swetz