Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Slice of Heaven by Robert Swetz

A Slice of Heaven by Robert Swetz

On our drive back from Homer to Anchorage my wife was sleeping because she had to work this morning, I captured a Slice of Heaven.

There was quite a bit of traffic headed into Anchorage driving around Turn Again Arm but I had to turn around to take in the beauty and share this moment with you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will continue to share as much of the beauty of Alaska as I can with you ;o)

Monday, June 25, 2018

I have lost Face with FaceBook by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

I have lost Face with FaceBook by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Around 2 months ago I closed 2 FaceBook accounts and still have 2 others active. The problem is with all these privacy breaches that have been going on with FaceBook I am very disappointed. Also July 14th FaceBook has a (NEW) privacy policy that the network just wants you to click agree on, and I'm sure without having the time to read it and or understand it's contents.

So that being said I will no longer be logging into my 2 FaceBook accounts after July 7th because I do not want to be a part of this type of network that robs me of my personal information, data collecting, etc.

If you want to find me then Google Robert Swetz, Vegas Bob and or Robert Vegas Bob Swetz there is plenty of information and other networks to find me.
I will be blogging on which in owned by Google and of course the ActiveRain network.
I have been with the ActiveRain network as long as FaceBook and AR doesn't collect all this personal data like FB. And with a smaller group of friends and associates it's more personal, etc. With very few posts post about politics, news, etc the ActiveRain network is a great place to be.

To find me there Google Vegas Bob - ActiveRain

Not logging into FaceBook is going to be very hard and I am sure I will go through some type of withdrawals but most 90% of my life was lived without FaceBook ... I will be fine ;o)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Incredible Mountains and Colors of Alaska by Robert Swetz

Alaska by Robert Swetz
Incredible Mountains and Colors of Alaska by Robert Swetz

Every time I visit Alaska I take hundreds of photographs because I have been into photography most of my life.
I have been to this area where this photo was taken around 50 times and for some reason every time I visit areas in Alaska the scene seems to change from the different seasons, clouds, position of the sun and more.
Now the first time you view this photo you might think it was photo shopped to bring out the vibrant colors and I may have tweeted it just a little.
But for anyone that has been to Alaska they will tell you the trees, grass and vegetation is very great and that's because it snows so much during the winter and rains so much in spring, summer, fall.
What I like so much about this photo is that I spent over 45 minutes getting up to the peak of the huge rock formation to take this photo, if fact there was only one young couple that actually attempted it just after me out of many people. There is very sticky sand and mud that a person foot can get stuck in and have to call for help and or 911.
People have been know to drown because bay the time some help comes the tide will rise and drown them.
This photo really shows the many different colors of Alaska between the rocks, looking up the green mountain side and across the bay to the snow cap mountains ;o)