Sunday, December 31, 2017

Companies, Businesses & Workers Be Very Careful of this Person in 2018

Companies, Businesses & Workers Be Very Careful of this Person in 2018

Starting January 1st 2018 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be on the prowl for specific workers with Companies & Businesses.
For the last 2-3 years Robert Swetz has been working for Glass Companies and visiting certain Companies & Businesses in Nevada and the state of California.

Well some workers within the Construction Companies for years have been straight out rude with nasty comments, etc.
And this goes for some department stores, gas stations and other places of Business.
Please note:  Lately I (have not) come across this happening within the Real Estate Industry, "knock on wood"

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is all about customer service and treating everyone equal whether it's co-workers and or any Companies & Businesses for that matter.
So while Robert Swetz continues to work construction in California or Nevada with co-workers and purchasing at stores, etc, Robert Swetz (will not) tolerate any rude remarks and or poor customer service.

Robert Swetz will give co-workers 3 strikes and then contact either management or human resources. Department stores, gas stations, etc with poor customer service and rude comments will not be tolerated. 

Please note if anyone really gets under Robert Swetz's skin he will send emails to the higher ups in the corporations & businesses expecting an apology. If Robert Swetz (does not) get an apology he will express his opinion of these businesses over the World Wide Web and it won't be pretty ...

Friday, December 22, 2017

Who's Ready For Christmas?

Who's Ready For Christmas?

With Christmas right around the corner I was wondering who's ready? Who has all their decorations done, all the shopping finished and reach their destination of celebration?

Well Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is always ready for Christmas and I have to say 2017 has been a great year for me.

I would just like to give everyone a heads up that may be running behind on preparation for the Christmas holiday.
You have another 3 days to get ready so take a deep breath and try not to get to buzzed on caffeine.

If your driving in traffic respect other drivers around you. When your waiting in lines shopping please don't bud in line or be rude to other shoppers. If your having a bad hair day please go fix it.
And please remember you are not the only one that may be frustrated with all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holiday.
You are no more special then others around you so so the love and compassion to everyone and ...


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Be Very Careful about Purchasing a Home in certain States, Cities and Towns

Be Very Careful about Purchasing a Home in certain States, Cities and Towns

When it comes to purchasing a home we need to be very careful and do our home work when it comes to Fires & Floods.
Fires can be worse then Floods because most homes are completely destroyed vs a flood.

Sure everyone has home owners insurance but usually covers accessed value which can be approx. 75% of market value and or what a person could sell their home for.
Now I did here on the news with the Northern California fires that 9 electrical power lines had fallen from the winds which may have been a part of the source that created the fires.

So in this case home owners may be able to hire an attorney and sue PG&E of California which might bring in more of the full value after the attorney takes 35% of the settled case.

Please take note:
Nobody is making you purchase a home in dry areas of California where fires may destroy your home.
Nobody is making you purchase a home in a flood zone next to major rivers.
Nobody is making you purchase a home next to the ocean where storms can come in and completely destroy your home.
Nobody is making you purchase a home next to a major vault line that can either swallow up your home or shake it apart.
Nobody is making you purchase a home in Tornado Alley in Oklahoma or other areas that have been known to have tornado's ... The List goes on!

So think before you buy a home in areas of natural disaster, and I won't even mention all the lost lives from all the fires and floods of 2017 in the United States.
Do you really want to purchase a home where you might lose your home or possibly your life?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working?

I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working?

With no mortgage payment, no car payment, no credit card payment, no utility payments and the only having to pay for food and gas for my car, what would be my reason for working.

In 2010 I had a bad back injury while working construction and collected workman's comp for 2 years, and only collected 18K for life on my back injury the attorney got the rest.

So around 4-5 years ago I paid off all my debt while working construction and selling real estate and was able to pay cash for some smaller investments.

So for the last 3 years working construction the men ask me why are you working Bob? I usually come up with a quick funny answer like ... I love you guys and work with you for fun, the employer doesn't even pay me to work here. They just usually laugh and say right Bob!

I am not working because I'm bored because I can find 100's of different things to do to keep me from boredom. I'm not working because I need money because I have no bills. For the last 2 years of working construction and real estate I have been telling my wife, family and friends that I am still working construction because I would like to purchase some smaller real estate investments.

The construction industry continues to boom in the Bay Area of Northern California and will light up in June of 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada so I (think) I may work for another 3 years and if I get a wild itch to travel or quit I will.
I am not at retirement age so I will not be collecting and or retiring early and paying a penalty.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Glass and Metal Specialists Silicon Valley, San Jose, Morgan Hill and surrounding South Bay locations

Glass and Metal Specialists in Silicon Valley, San Jose, Morgan Hill and surrounding South Bay locations

Glass and Metal Specialists installs a variety of glass and metal. From punched openings with aluminum flush glaze systems like the photo above, the aluminum comes in many different colors painted and or anodized. Glass installed in these openings can be insulated glass (double pane) or 1/4 inch plate glass, and tinted.

Glass and Metal Specialists can also install office entrances like the photo above with with doors. 

GMS also installs store fronts like the photo above in a variety of colored aluminum and clear or tinted glass.

Also interior entrances between offices in professional buildings and commercial buildings of any kind like the photo above.

GMS also installs handrail on patio decks like the photo above and below, stairwells and more. These handrail systems come in a variety of different colors of aluminum metal, clear, tinted or frosted glass.

And yes GMS also installs shower doors of many kinds, from neo-angle, tube enclosures, to heavy steam glass shower doors like the to photos below.

               Shower doors 

As yes we also install mirrored walls in dinning rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and exercise rooms.

Custom mirrored bathroom above and mirrored bedroom in the photo below.

For anyone interested in having glass and metal installed in commercial buildings, offices or homes please call Glass and Metal Specialists today at:

702 741 1655


907 887 1060

Glass & Metal Specialists, Inc. | Specializing in: glass & metal ...

Home. GLASS & METAL SPECIALISTS INC. PO BOX 1251 Morgan Hill California 95037. For estimates please call: Robert Swetz (702) 443 7156 or Manny (702) 741 1655. Email: Specializing in: Glass & Metal Replacement for Commercial & Residential Buildings (New & Existing).
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

New Google Expansion Mountain View - Benson Industries by Robert Swetz 2018

New Google Expansion Mountain View - Benson Industries by Robert Swetz 2018

Benson Industries will start building the Google expansion in Mountain View California in Silicon Valley.

This project will have approx. 8 to 9 different phases run by different project managers for each phase and take approx. years to build.

This new Google expansion has already broke ground and will man/woman up with full construction crews in May/June 2018.

I am very happy to say that I have already been offered a job glazing this project. I have to make some huge decisions on whether I will work for Benson Industries on the new Google project or go to Las Vegas Nevada to work on the new Raiders Stadium and Resorts World Las Vegas.