Sunday, July 24, 2011

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz posting 500 new Videos to YouTube

 This photograph above was taken of a temple placed on a huge rock on a beach in Myanmar South East Asia. There are around 5-6 main lights hanging around this temple piece, where the other lights came from I have no idea, where the color blue came from I have no idea because the lights were clear.
 Every once and a while VB runs into very strange photographs like this with orbs, prisms and very strange entities showing up on the photos. This photo above is just one of around 15 others I captured of this temple at night.
 Please Note:  This photograph was untouched by photoshop, coloring, etc., only some cropping were done.

 Vegas Bob has found a way for all of your that love to travel and view different Beautiful Exotic places around the World.
 VB started several years ago posting photographs of places he has traveling for everyone to view. Well VB has a mini video camcorder he brought with him to Myanmar/ Burma and Thailand. There are over 600 short videos of very Beautiful Beaches, people and so much more.
 Most of these videos have never been posted for others to view, well now is your chance to view them!
 VB started posting videos several days ago and of these 600 videos I figure I will post around 400. VB has 2 accounts at YouTube and please feel free to become a (Friend) and or (Subscribe) to Vegas Bob's Youtube accounts.
 Here are 2 URLs that will direct you straight to my accounts ... ;o)



 Most of the (New) videos of Myanmar & Thailand will be loaded & posted to "VIDEOS BY VEGAS BOB" above because my SWETZ777 account has around 458 videos posted already, although the SWETZ777 has some older videos of Thailand loaded from another camera years ago.
 Also please feel free to leave comments at you YouTube accounts, I enjoy reading them.

 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz  7- 24-2011

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