Saturday, September 12, 2015

Robert Alaska Bob Swetz will "NEVER" Forget 9-11

World Trade Towers by Robert Swetz

Has Robert Alaska Bob Swetz forgotten the World Trade Towers? 


I took my camera several years ago and took photos from photos, so the quality is not very good.
But these photos give you an idea why I will never forget the World Trade Towers.

In 1982 Alaska Bob spent one week at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan with some students from school.

Ellis Island by Robert Swetz

While I was in Manhattan, I ventured all over taking photos at Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Towers.

In fact I remember going to the top of the World Trade Towers in a elevator with approx 20 other people.
The views were breath-taking, showing the Broadway Bridge, other bridges, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and so much more.
The Trade Towers were the tallest buildings that I have ever been to the top of.
And I remember when the elevator operator mentioned to everyone before we went down ...
This elevator is going to travel from the top of the building to the bottom in approx 1 minute & 30 seconds, so don't alarmed.

When the elevator dropped, everyone said ooh, and our stomachs felt like they had been left at the top of the building.

So for Vegas Bob aka Alaska Bob, I will never forget the World Trade Towers, and or the destruction of them and the lives lost ;o(

Statue of Liberty by Robert Swetz

I feel that the loss of the World Trade Towers and the lives has created a loss of our Freedom in the United States of America, because of the "Patriot Act" that followed ... ;o/

And is yet another reason that Robert Swetz stays away from very large cities!

Photographs of the "World Trade Towers" by Robert (Vegas ...
Sep 10, 2011 - Robert (Vegas BobSwetz in NYC 1982. Vegas Bob ... Robert Swetz. Photograph of "The World Trade Towers" from Statue of Liberty & Ellis .

Photograph of "The World Trade Towers" from Statue of ...
Mar 4, 2010 - Photograph of "The World Trade Towers" from Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island I ... By Robert (Alaska Bob) Swetz ... Robert "Vegas BobSwetz.

Robert (Vegas Bob) remembers the the "World Trade Towers"
Sep 10, 2011 - Photographs of the "World Trade Towers" by Robert (Vegas Bob)Swetz ... (Before 9/ 11). Robert (Vegas BobSwetz in NYC 1982 ... I also took a ferry out to the "Statue of Liberty" and that's where this photo (above) was taken.

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All posts & photographs by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob). If you are interested in ... Photograph of “The World Trade Towers” from Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.

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Photograph of “The World Trade Towers” from Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island ... All photographs taken by Robert Swetz in New York City – 1982 – all rights .
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Astral Projection Robert Swetz Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob

2 nights ago Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob had a vivid dream of Astral Projection.
This is not the first dream where Robert Swetz has been flying in his dreams, but this one was quite different then the others.

The recent dream that Robert had went like this ...

Robert was dressed up in some type of kings clothing, royalty and wearing a turban.
Robert remembers floating standing up around 30 feet from the ground with his father looking up watching him.
As Robert was floating, multicolored electricity was shooting from his finger tips to the ground.
And as the energy was being cast from his fingers to the ground, Robert closed his eyes and felt a sense of content, quietness, emptiness and peace within his body.

So what did Robert really experience in his dream?

Did Robert go to heaven in his dream?

Did Robert reach Nirvana in his dream?

Was Robert once a Buddha in a previous life?

Was Robert on drugs? NO Robert doesn't do drugs!

Did Robert watch a sci-fi movie or a X-Men movie before he went to bed that night? NO he did not!

Is it possible that Alaska Bob has powers within himself that he has not tapped into when he is awake?

If anyone has any ideas and or answers to these questions and what Robert Vegas Bob Swetz experienced, please leave your answers and ideas in a comment attached to this post ;o)

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