Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Purchase NEW HOMES in Las Vegas & Henderson FREE Services from Vegas Bob

New Homes are being built all over the Las Vegas & Henderson Communities in Nevada.  And for anyone that’s interested in purchasing a new home in Las Vegas or Henderson, Vegas Bob’s Services are FREE.
Some Home Buyers might ask … well why would we use a Real Estate Agent when we can just drive around the Las Vegas Valley looking ourselves? Well if your from out of State then how well do you really know the Las Vegas and Henderson Communities?
And how well do you know the areas where NEW HOMES are being built?
And how well do you know the incentives on the NEW HOMES being built?
And if you can use Vegas Bob’s services FREE of charge, why wouldn’t? This is a (NO BRAINER)!
Vegas Bob has been focusing on the NEW HOME Communities in Las Vegas and Henderson because the inventory for resales in the Las Vegas Valley in low. And there are some great deals and some beautiful looking homes being built right now as I am writing this post.
Here are just several photos of some homes Vegas Bob was showing over the weekend. The photos are nice but viewing these homes in person is a whole different experience.
So pick up the phone and call Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz DIRECT at: 
  702 443 7156  or email him at:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be spreading LOVE ;o)


  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz for the next several years will be focusing on spreading LOVE and (only) LOVE.

Within the next couple months Robert Swetz will become a Minister in Clark County and the State of Nevada. What does this mean? This means Robert Swetz will be able to marry couples in Las Vegas, Henderson and other cities around the State of Nevada.

Robert Swetz will also be able to talk at sermons in many different churches if he chooses, but Robert has bigger plans as a Minister.
Robert Swetz will slowly be forming his own church, a church of LOVE and (only) LOVE. Robert is very disappointed with so much around him, disappointed with ...

The Negativity
The Hatred
The Jealousy
The Murder
The Lies
The Government
The Greed
The Unhappiness
The Sin
The Anger
The Misfortune
The Adultery                              (And so much more)

Robert Swetz (only) wants to be around people that are Loving, Kind, Honest, Happy, Generous, Understanding and so much more.
Robert Swetz doesn't want to hear about anything that doesn't have to do with LOVE!
If anyone wants to talk with Robert Swetz and he asks if there is LOVE involved, then Robert will listen. And if LOVE is not part of the conversation then sorry for wasting Robert's time.
Life is short, Robert knows what it will take to reach his goals as a minister and will do his best to achieve this goal.

When Robert Swetz decides to build his new church, where will this church be located? Possibly somewhere in California.

But until this happens please listen to the words of a man before his time ...

JOHN LENNON             1940 - 1980

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Red Rock Resort & Casino Glass Installed by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz


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    Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz takes videos of places around the World when he travels, and also helps promote a variety of Businesses from Music, Artists, Actors , ...
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    5 days ago - Vegas Bob shot this very detailed Video Saturday afternoon 3-8-2014 showing the spokes, part of the baring and other steel components in ...
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    Great Video of High Roller Linq Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 3-8-2014. 40 views; 1 ... Red Rock Canyon Calico Basin by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 2014. 6 views; 1 ...
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    Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz takes videos of places around the World when he travels, and also helps promote a variety of Businesses from Music, Artists, Actors ,...
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    Here is a short video of the new City Hall in downtown Las Vegas ... The side of the building has LED fins, large pieces of glass that create a light show like a ...
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  • Sunday, March 9, 2014

    Latest News on High Roller Tallest Ferris Wheel in the World Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 3-9-2014

    Latest News on High Roller Ferris Wheel in the World Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 3-9-2014

    Vegas Bob shot this very detailed Video Saturday afternoon 3-8-2014 showing the spokes, part of the baring and other steel components in case tourists might be a little scared to ride the BIG Wheel.

    As you can see by viewing the Video the High Roller at LINQ in Las Vegas Nevada looks "Safe & Sound" ...

    The Grand Opening and date for the High Roller to open for rides was set for one day in March of 2014. There really hasn't been any exact dates set because this project has been pushed for opening dates so many different times.

    All Vegas Bob can say at this time is The Grand Opening is getting close and he can't wait to ride The BIG Wheel. The High Roller Ferris Wheel at LINQ in Las Vegas is going to change the way we see Las Vegas and attract a whole (New) Crowd of Tourists.

    The "Energy" around the entrance of the LINQ which is now open is really "Buzzing" ... Like the buzzing of Bees around Flowers in Spring, and I believe the High Roller will be opening soon ;o)

    Story and Video by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 3-9-2014

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    The LINQ www.thelinq.com/‎ Reach unbelievable heights on TheHigh Roller, the new Las Vegas attraction at ...
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    Jan 14, 2014 - The 'High RollerFerris Wheel at LINQ in Las Vegas Nevada will be opening early Spring of 2014. Vegas Bob doesn't want to say a definite ...
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