Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be spreading LOVE ;o)


  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz for the next several years will be focusing on spreading LOVE and (only) LOVE.

Within the next couple months Robert Swetz will become a Minister in Clark County and the State of Nevada. What does this mean? This means Robert Swetz will be able to marry couples in Las Vegas, Henderson and other cities around the State of Nevada.

Robert Swetz will also be able to talk at sermons in many different churches if he chooses, but Robert has bigger plans as a Minister.
Robert Swetz will slowly be forming his own church, a church of LOVE and (only) LOVE. Robert is very disappointed with so much around him, disappointed with ...

The Negativity
The Hatred
The Jealousy
The Murder
The Lies
The Government
The Greed
The Unhappiness
The Sin
The Anger
The Misfortune
The Adultery                              (And so much more)

Robert Swetz (only) wants to be around people that are Loving, Kind, Honest, Happy, Generous, Understanding and so much more.
Robert Swetz doesn't want to hear about anything that doesn't have to do with LOVE!
If anyone wants to talk with Robert Swetz and he asks if there is LOVE involved, then Robert will listen. And if LOVE is not part of the conversation then sorry for wasting Robert's time.
Life is short, Robert knows what it will take to reach his goals as a minister and will do his best to achieve this goal.

When Robert Swetz decides to build his new church, where will this church be located? Possibly somewhere in California.

But until this happens please listen to the words of a man before his time ...

JOHN LENNON             1940 - 1980

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