Saturday, December 16, 2017

I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working?

I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working?

With no mortgage payment, no car payment, no credit card payment, no utility payments and the only having to pay for food and gas for my car, what would be my reason for working.

In 2010 I had a bad back injury while working construction and collected workman's comp for 2 years, and only collected 18K for life on my back injury the attorney got the rest.

So around 4-5 years ago I paid off all my debt while working construction and selling real estate and was able to pay cash for some smaller investments.

So for the last 3 years working construction the men ask me why are you working Bob? I usually come up with a quick funny answer like ... I love you guys and work with you for fun, the employer doesn't even pay me to work here. They just usually laugh and say right Bob!

I am not working because I'm bored because I can find 100's of different things to do to keep me from boredom. I'm not working because I need money because I have no bills. For the last 2 years of working construction and real estate I have been telling my wife, family and friends that I am still working construction because I would like to purchase some smaller real estate investments.

The construction industry continues to boom in the Bay Area of Northern California and will light up in June of 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada so I (think) I may work for another 3 years and if I get a wild itch to travel or quit I will.
I am not at retirement age so I will not be collecting and or retiring early and paying a penalty.

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