Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HUGE Future plans for Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has some very HUGE Future plans. 

Within approx 1 year Robert Swetz aka "Vegas Bob" may just "Fall of the Grid" ;o)
Many very positive "Life Changing" events are going on in Robert's life right now!

Within the next 1-2 years Robert will have moved to a more "Happier" more "Positive" place than Las Vegas Nevada. A beautiful place where only a very small "Handful" of Family & Friends will know.

So what will become of the "Vegas Bob" we know if today? Well there is are enough posts/blogs, photographs & videos by Vegas Bob to last a "Life Time" ...

And even if Vegas Bob "Falls off the Grid" people will still be able to read about him and view everything he's done ;o)

(Please Note):  Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz ... (Is Not) leaving Now!

But within the next 1-2 years ... "GONE" 

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