Thursday, January 19, 2017

FSBO vs Realtor - Support Your Local REALTOR

FSBO vs Realtor - Support Your Local REALTOR

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has come across different websites and networks for For Sale by Owner like, Zillow, Trulia just to name a few.
And I have also come across networks and platforms offering home owners to list their homes for $99 dollars and some other low price and might be catching people wanting to sell their homes.

I have had family members and clients asking me what about owner financed or rent to own?
My personal opinion is I wouldn't trust a home owner vs getting a mortgage, there are so many things that could go wrong. And For Sale By Owner, well I am very unsure about this unless you have a attorney present and then things can go wrong.

I say support your local Realtor and no just because I am one, but because when buying a home there are so many factors involved.

There could be liens on the property!
A person could try and sell a home to you that they don't own!

With out the knowledge that a professional Realtor has, I don't think I would ever purchase a home without using one.

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