Monday, May 20, 2019

With a Crystal Ball can we predict another crash in the Real Estate Market?

With a Crystal Ball can we predict another crash in the Real Estate Market?

With the ups and downs of the Stock Market and a Presidential Election coming up in November 2020 could another crash in the market be coming?
I have many past clients asking if they should sell or hang on and ride the storm out? And if there is a storm around the corner how long will it last?
These are very difficult questions for brokers and agents to deal with, and without a crystal ball be very careful about what your telling past clients, ones your dealing with now and possible future clients. You could really get yourself in trouble.
Here is my intuition on the real estate market around the corner …
Depending on what state and city you live in there seems to be a little slowing down at this time. The stock market is doing some very strange things and this is nothing new. 

My thoughts I do believe the rest of 2019 will be slow.
My thoughts I believe there will be a little hike in the market in spring of 2020 and the rest of the 2020 will drop some.
My thoughts are if a Democrat is elected for president in 2020 that the real estate may crash again. 

Please take note:  These are only my opinions and if the market does crash please don't think I didn't mention this …


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