Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Pain and Sorrow caused by the loss of loved ones is Heartbreaking ;o(

 There is so much Pain and Sorrow that comes from the loss of loved ones in our lives, it is so Heartbreaking.

 When a loved one or person that is in our life "Day in and Day out" all of a sudden leaves us and their gone we ask ourselves ... "Why"?

 Why were they taken away? 
What will I do without them in my life? 
How will others and I deal with the loss of this loved one? 
It's not fair that they have been taken away ... 

"Will I ever see them again"?

 Almost all humans are very loving creatures, we become very attached to loved ones, friends, animals and more. So when a loved one is taken away it's very difficult for many of us to deal with the loss. It doesn't happen every minute, so when it does ... "OUCH" does it hurt!

 It hurts so bad sometimes that it feels like our heart has been ripped right out of our chest. We cry tears of sorrow ... We wake up in the mornings thinking it was only a dream, only to find out it wasn't a dream, we find it hard to go to sleep at night because of our sadness and thinking that if only I had spent more time with them, if only I had held them in my arms more often.

 When I was very young my father told me ... "Son, as you get older there will be family & friends that will pass away, some young and some old". My father told me it's part of life and after the loss of our family & friends you need to carry on in our life. Do the best you can to live a happy life, try to enjoy the family & friends you have around you. You will be with your loved ones again in the afterlife.

 This post and photograph is dedicated to everyone that has lost a loved one. I feel your sorrow and I have also lost many family & friends in my life. The loss of loved ones "Hardens" our hearts and helps to keep us strong so when we lose another loved one, it's not so difficult to deal with.

 There will come a day when you have to let go, and until you let go there will to be "Pain and Sorrow" ...

 Try and understand that life is very short compared to eternity. Life on earth passes "Like the Twinkling of an Eye" ... There will come a day when you will be with all your loved ones again, in spirit and soul ;o)

 Written by Robert Swetz 12-26-2013

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