Thursday, August 28, 2014

Life is Short so Vegas Bob is going to "Party & Enjoy" Life NOW

Life is Short so Vegas Bob is going to "Party & Enjoy" Life NOW 

One of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's uncles passed several days ago, at a young age.

So Vegas Bob has totally changed his attitude about so many different things is Life. VB has slowly been changing his Life Step by Step, but whenever a family members passes it's a extra wake up call.

So in the next several days Vegas Bob will be headed out of the State of Nevada to help Santa Claus up at the "North Pole" in AK.

Vegas Bob doesn't care about Work, Money, Material and or everything and anything connected to $$$$$$.

Vegas Bob is going to "Party & Enjoy" Life NOW ... ;o)

Forget the Past and don't think about the Future because both of these are (only) illusions.

From now on it's all about "THE POWER OF NOW"

So for any of you reading this that wish to speak to Vegas Bob about his Past and or Future, save your words.

Because I am not listening, I am only listening to what you have to say to me about THE NOW ... At this Moment in Time.

Thank you for understanding and "Let the Party Begin" ;o)

The photo (above) was taken when God allowed me to hold onto the SUN for a short period of Time. And the photo (below) is of Vegas Bob flying in the clouds at 30,000 feet.

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