Friday, August 29, 2014

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be "Relaxing & Chilling" September 2014 ;o)

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be "Relaxing & Chilling" September 2014 ;o)

That's right, Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz has not had enough of the "Great Outdoors" ...
Robert is going to spend most of September bonding with God, hiking, chilling, relaxing, taking photographs, videos and living in "THE NOW"

Robert has set up assistants in Las Vegas & Henderson for his Real Estate business so he's covered on this end.

Robert figures it this way ...
He is in great health, strong, not concerned with money and tired of living in the "Fast Lane" 

So why not enjoy life while I am young and strong? Travel, hike and visit places while I am able to do so?
So many people wait till they retire to do most of their traveling. And by this time, many of them have tired bodies, bad health which in turn keeps them from seeing everything there is to see ;o(

Well not Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ...
Robert has been traveling, hiking and taking photographs of planet earth for over 45 years now.
And he doesn't intend to stop until he can no longer walk ;o)

Our lives are very short on planet earth within out worldly bodies. Time is going by so fast and I thank God everyday for my health, strength and the ability to view the world ;o)

"Life is Grand & Live in the NOW"

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