Monday, February 8, 2016

I am the Chairman of the Bored!

I am the Chairman of the Bored!

For the most part I have lived a life full of Family, Travel, Variety and so much more, and this is not the first time that I have written about the subject of Boredom.
Am I depressed?  NO
With great Family connections, Traveling all over the world and a life full of Variety, Excitement and so much more, I become Bored very quickly.
I have been Bored with Social Networking, whether it's FaceBook, Twitter or even the ActiveRain Network ... Boring!!!


People may ask ... "Why don't you take a break from Social Networking"? I have taking breaks many times and it seems like when I come back, it's just a matter of 1-2 weeks and Boring!!!
And it's not just the Social Networks that Bore me!
Whether I am living in Las Vegas, California or Alaska, it's only a matter of 1-2 months and I am Bored!!!
Relationships ... Boring!!!
It seems like the only thing that really keeps me going without Boredom is, Traveling and not staying in the same place longer than 1-2 weeks.
As I get older I am not interested in idol time in my life.
I feel I need to keep moving before it's to late to Travel physically.
It's been approx. 10 years since I have viewed a Super Bowel and after watching the first half of last nights game ... Boring!!! 90% of the so called great commercials ... Boring!!!
Selling Real Estate ... Boring!!!
Regular television, News ... Boring!!!
Shopping ... Don't do it because it's Boring!!!

Is there anyone out there that may feel like they are 'The Chairman of the Bored' like Robert Swetz?

I have so many people that love me, family and friends so I know it's not loneliness.
And yes I do know we need to love and like ourselves before we can really love and like others, and I am very content with myself!
I love Traveling, taking Photographs & Videos more than anything else, and have realized many years ago that these interests keep me from being Bored!!!

Are there any suggestions from my family and friends reading this post?

Robert Swetz

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