Thursday, March 24, 2016

Making an Extra $120,000 Dollars Per Year

Making an Extra $120,000 Dollars Per Year 

On average and on the low end I have had a minimum of 2-3 potential clients per month coming to me with low credit scores wanting to purchase a home.
Now I have heard from so many other real estate brokers and agents, that I could have just found them a good lender.

"Well there is NO such thing as a Good Lender in the Las Vegas Nevada.
In fact over the 15+ years selling real estate in the Las Vegas Valley, I have yet to find a Good Lender. 

So on my 15 years of selling real estate in the Las Vegas Valley if Vegas Bob had actually found a good lender, he would have made on the low end ... an extra $1,800,000 dollars.

So just a heads up for real estate brokers & agents in the Las Vegas/Henderson areas ...
If you can find a Good Lender, you can become very Rich!

"And Good Luck with that" ;o/

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