Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Fun Fremont Street Las Vegas Nevada

Halloween Fun Fremont Street Las Vegas Nevada

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz is getting everyone all excited about the next major holiday coming up with some great entertainment from Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas Nevada.
For anyone that has not had the chance to visit Fremont Street where Las Vegas first started, "Shame On You"

Vegas Bob will be posting a new Halloween video, produced & directed by Vegas Bob himself until he has no more to load up.

 I would also like everyone to know that the Las Vegas Real Estate Market is really "HOT" right now and if anyone in interested in purchasing a home in Las Vegas or Henderson, Vegas Bob would be happy to help.
There are some great prices and 100's of homes still under $200,000, so call Vegas Bob today or when you get time at:

702 443 7156  or email him at:

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