Thursday, October 27, 2016

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Voted Today - How About You? 10/27/2016

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Voted Today - How About You? 10/27/2016

Vegas Bob wasn't real sure if he was going to vote this year but today he did for the second time ever in his life.
What some people seem to forget is most politicians know each other, many of them went to school together and most of them are friends some where down the line.

The news media, social media, etc creates this type of 3 ring circus that seems to get everyone all worked up. Digging up dirt on politician's about how crooked they are, their raciest remarks, sexiest remarks and more. 

Come on people, it's all Hollywood ...

I haven't watched one single debate because it's all a bunch of Bull Shit!
And the (only) way that you can ever change the United States is not by voting for who you think can change it, or writing letters to congress, please do you really think they read all the letters that are mailed to them?
The (only) way "We The People" can change the United States is my getting Millions & Millions of people to march to The White House and say ... This is what we want!      PERIOD

So if you really think your vote is going to change the United States, get out there and vote!

The reason Vegas Bob voted today was because he was paid by his employer while he voted ;o)

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