Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Will Vegas Bob be purchasing Land in Alaska - California or Maine

    Alaska by Robert Swetz

 Will Vegas Bob be purchasing Land in Alaska - California or Maine

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob aka Alaska Bob has been searching for land in the states of Alaska, California and Maine for several years now.
Alaska Bob purchased several vacant land lots in Alaska some time ago and is interested in purchasing more in AK.

   Mammoth Lakes California

There are several areas in northern California with vacant land that Robert Swetz is interested in but California is so over priced being at the peak of a bubble.
Robert Swetz would rather purchase after the bubble pops and purchase low than to pay top dollar.


And then there is the beautiful state of Maine that has struck an interest in Robert Swetz.
There are some great prices in northern Maine and Vegas Bob has been searching for homes and vacant land in the state of Maine for several years.

So which state is it going to be for Robert Swetz's next purchase? 
Alaska & Maine are very cold areas in the winter season, but Alaska Bob will be retiring in the next 3-4-5 years and won't have to live in either state in the winters if he chooses not to. 

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