Sunday, April 2, 2017

Facebook, Google, Fed's, etc SPYING on everyone by Robert Swetz

Facebook, Google, Fed's, etc SPYING on everyone by Robert Swetz

Now we all know that the social network Facebook tied in with the Federal Government many years ago, and this may be good for tracking the undesirables.
But what about normal American citizens, and or other persons from other countries?

Just recently Facebook has added software that wants to save your username & password so all you have to do is click on your profile photo vs typing in your user name & password every time you log into Facebook.
Having several Facebook accounts I don't like this and know that Facebook continues to invade our privacy

Facebook is not the only network that is spying on us ...
GOOGLE is another company that has been spying on us along with Yahoo, Bing and or any web search sites.
Google tracks everything anyone ever searches on it's network and sells and or shares this information with Big American Corporations that sell their garbage to consumers.

Now some may say if your not doing anything wrong and or have nothing to hide then who cares?
Well Robert Swetz has nothing to hide and or is doing nothing wrong, but I am so tired of our privacy being invaded by BIG BROTHER and every other hackers & thiefs trying to steal from innocent people. 

Then there are these idiots that will say well then don't use Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and these networks ;o/
All I can say to them is shout your mouth ...

Here is what Robert Swetz does to help himself from every Tom, Dick and Harry being in his business!

1.  Robert Swetz never saves usernames & passwords when logging into any network

2.  When searching and or creating new tabs on your laptop, try not to get too many and or lose track at the top or bottom of you tab line. When using Microsoft and other PC laptops that are run by flash drive this allows spammers to send multiple links to your computer opening of the chance for viruses.

3.  When turning off your computer which I would suggest everyone do when walking away from it, delete ALL cookies, passwords and every other box possible showing up when deleting.

4. When turning off your computer never stay logged in.

5.  The same goes for smart phones, (NEVER) stay logged into Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, ActiveRain and or any network.
You are only setting yourself up for someone getting into your personal business, bank accounts, etc.

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