Sunday, June 4, 2017

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz continues to search for a lake home

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz continues to search for a lake home

Born in a state with over 10,000 lakes Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz spent most of his life fishing and boating on lakes.
So that being said Robert has 1000's of visions and memories of lake scenes and great times.

Around 30 years ago Robert use to purchase vacant lake lots for investment and a source of making money. Problem is most of these properties were sold many years ago with great profits.
For the last 5 years Robert has once again found interest in finding that lake home for future retirement.

Here are some great photographs of small lake homes and cabins that Robert came across on the web.

The type of home and lake frontage that Robert is interested in is ...

Small 1 story home or cabin close to the water with a view. 
The lake must be quite large but not high pressure from water skiers and or wet bikes.
The taxes have to be reasonable and (NOT) over $3000 per year.
This property that Vegas Bob is searching for will be used for late spring, summer, early fall so it can be located in a state with colder climates. 

And Vegas Bob (does not) want to spend over $400,000 on a small home/cabin on a lake.

If anyone reading this knows of such a place for sale that Vegas Bob described above please send him a email to: 

Vegas Bob likes all these small lake homes on this post so along with the photos and small description of interest it shouldn't be hard for someone to help ;o)


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