Friday, March 30, 2018

Working For Nor-Cal Glass by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Working For Nor-Cal Glass by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

As everyone should know by now Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has known to be quite the critic when it comes to businesses across the United States and some countries around the world.

Robert Swetz worked with Nor-Cal Glass in November 2017 to February 2018 at Valley View College in Los Gatos in Northern California.

Robert Swetz has been working in the glass industry for 40 years now and has worked at over two dozen glass companies from the Midwest to Las Vegas and California.
Robert Swetz was quite impressed with Jennifer & Melissa, the management at Nor-Cal Glass.
The glass system that we were installing for Nor-Cal Glass at West Valley College was Curtain Wall and 450 Flush Glaze System. These glass systems were used by Robert around 30 years ago so it was very easy to install.
Robert was also very impressed with Mike who was the foreman at the West Valley College and was also impressed with how organized the other workers were on the project.
Full tool bags, materials, drills, screws, shims, etc. were all organized for making the job easier.

Many of latest glass projects Robert has worked on have been huge towers in Las Vegas Nevada and San Jose flying in glass panels on 30-40-50 story buildings.
So working with Nor-Cal Glass was quite a change because the West Valley College was a smaller project and very enjoyable.
Robert gives Nor-Cal Glass a thumbs up when it comes to glass businesses and any business in general.
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  • 209-588-9993 - Nor-Cal Glass - 1-year warranty. Commercial, residential, …
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