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Purchasing Real Estate in Alaska by Robert Swetz

Purchasing Real Estate in Alaska by Robert Swetz

My first visit to Alaska was back in 2001 and I have been living and traveling back and forth to Alaska from the Lower 48 for around 4 years now.
I have traveled all over the USA and other parts of the world and I have yet to find a place as quiet and beautiful as Alaska.

Northern California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah, Minnesota and other states have come close to the beauty Alaska has to offer but not quite as quiet and or serene. 

I am working purchasing yet my second piece of real estate within the Last Frontier in April 2018.
Sure the winters are long and the temperatures cooler and cold, but I don't have to live and or stay in Alaska during the winters. And many others that are retired and or close to my age don't stay in Alaska during the long winters either.

I figure another 3-4 years working as a glazier in construction and I will hang up my hat, retire and spend 4-5 months in beautiful Alaska on my properties.
I will keep a condo in Las Vegas and continue to sell real estate in Las Vegas and also purchase some property in northern California around Eureka close to the redwood trees.

My wife has connections and family in the Philippines and Myanmar so we may travel and stay there from time to time also.
But as for hiking in pure beauty with very few people to bother me Alaska will be the number one place where I will be hanging my hat.

And for anyone interested in purchasing real estate in Alaska please contact my dear friend Debra Leisek at BAY REALTY in Homer Alaska.
Debra is a broker owner and has been selling real estate all her life in Alaska, and if you are interested in purchasing property in Alaska please tell her Robert Swetz sent you.


Bay Realty is Your One Stop Home and Land Shop in Homer Alaska! Since 1974Bay Realty has been Listing and Selling Homes, Lots and Acreage, Multi-Family Housing, Commercial Properties, and Business Opportunities.

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All of these photos I took were taken around Hatcher Pass north of Wasilla approx. 40 miles north of Anchorage Alaska.
These photos were taken during the summer months and I have also left some video footage during the winter months with plenty of snow.

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