Sunday, April 15, 2018

Now would be a good time to change pass words on your email accounts

Now would be a good time to change pass words on your email accounts ...

It's been quite a while since I have changed my pass words to my email accounts and with all the important information within my email accounts, I did recently change them.

I dropped or quit using my Yahoo email accounts many years ago and flipped over to Gmail around 10 years ago.
I have around 3 major email accounts for my businesses and 2 for personal.
Recently Google notified me with a email that persons with several IP addresses where trying to get into my Gmail account. In the email is did show the actual IP number, type of device being used and also pin pointed the location like a GPS chip.
I don't know about you but on my email accounts connected to my businesses there is some very important information with clients, Doc U Sign information, bids, etc.

So here is what I did ...
I changed my email pass words to very difficult ones like


Now one may ask how will I ever remember these new passwords, write them down and don't put them in your smart phone because you could lose your phone and or it could also be hacked.

Refrain from online banking, there are companies all over the world that have people retrieving information off our computers, smart phones, etc. on the back end.
And if you are going to do any online banking always log out of accounts, log out of all email accounts, delete all history every day along with pass words on your computers and smart phones and please turn (OFF) your laptops or home computers.

Now days people have become so lazy by leaving everything logged in, turned on, etc and this is just a easy way of hackers, etc coming into your business and stealing from you private information.

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