Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Try and be HAPPY with the things you have ... ;o)

So many people in this world complain about all the things they don't have, instead of just being HAPPY with the things they do have. I even find myself complaining sometimes about gas prices, the way someone acts, what their wearing and little things that really don't add up to anything.

I have been to 3rd World Countries so I should know better ...

This photo (above) was taken on a small island in Myanmar/ Burma. This boy and 3 girls have NO television, NO radio, NO car, NO microwave, NO bicycle, NO bed to sleep in (they sleep on the ground) and really nothing but the clothes on their bodies, their family and really not very much else. We didn't hear them complaining about the things they don't have, in fact they were HAPPY and laughing because they had never seen an American.

It is the simple things in life we take for granted ... think about every person you have in your life! Think about how "Lucky" you are to have what you have, and please try to be HAPPY!

These poor children in the photo (below) have no mother & father, no bed to sleep in and very little food to eat ;o(

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