Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happiness within 'Quotes' (new book) Robert Swetz

Happiness within ‘Quotes’ (new book) Robert Swetz

Happiness within book by Robert Swetz
Happiness within book by Robert Swetz
I would everyone to know that my new book (Happiness within) is being published right now at: www.HapinesswithinRobertSwetz.wordpress.com I received the final proof 2 days ago and I just sent a email to the publishing coming giving them the green light to print 100 copies.
The publishing company of my book Happiness within is Publishers Express Press located in Troy Wisconsin at: www.PublishersExpressPress.com.
Publishers Express Press is publishing this book along with my other (new book) ‘Dark side of David’ which is a dark thriller due out in January 2013 at:www.DarkSideOfDavid.com.  And in Spring of 2013 there is another (Children’s Book) being published.
I have read and gone over my first print of ‘Happiness within’ and will be mailing this copy to Oprah Winfrey for a Christmas present at:www.Oprah.com.

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