Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wanted: God Fearing Christian Soldiers for Robert Swetz

Wanted: God Fearing Christian Soldiers for my Robert Swetz's team ...
Robert Swetz has been rubbing elbows with some very wealthy Christians, which has resulted in some serious Real Estate transactions. 

"And this is only the beginning!"

Within the next several months Robert Swetz will be searching for God Fearing, Hard working, Honest, Positive, Christians to help him with Real Estate that Robert and his investors will be purchasing. Most of the homes being purchased will be in the Lake Las Vegas Nevada area and Henderson.

If any of you fit these descriptions described (above) please contact: 

Robert Swetz by email only to: swetz999@yahoo.com

Please be advised - There will be (NO) negative people working on Robert's team.

This blog is not a joke and positions to be filled will be:

Drivers, Body guards, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Building construction positions, pilots, landscaping, maids, exercise teachers, travelers, etc.

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