Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who wants to FISH with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz in ALASKA in 2015?

Who wants to FISH with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz in ALASKA in 2015?

With Vegas Bob having 2 different sets of relatives in Alaska now, VB will be spending quite a bit of time there.
In fact VB is already planning fishing trips with friends during late June and early July of 2015.

Vegas Bob has already planned Halibut fishing with several friends in either Seward or Homer Alaska, from charter boats.
VB is also planning fishing King Salmon from the Kenai River.

Here are some photos that VB shot on his visit to Alaska in August of 2014. The top two photographs are relatives of VB's and the other photos are locals & tourists fishing the rivers of Alaska.

So for anyone reading this post and viewing the photographs that would like to fish with Vegas Bob in the summer of 2015, send him a email at:

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