Friday, January 2, 2015

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz lets his pet "Black Widow" Spiders go today 1-2-2015 ;o(

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz lets his pet "Black Widow" Spiders go today 1-2-2015 ;o(

Vegas Bob was with a friend that is selling his home in Henderson Nevada and was helping him clean up his yard.
As we were cleaning up some wood by the pool we found 3 HUGE "Black Widow" Spiders.

So instead of killing the Black Widow Spiders, Vegas Bob put them in a jar and took them home.

Well after a couple weeks of living at VB's home, VB decided to let them go at Red Rock Canyon today ;o(

When Vegas Bob let the 3 Black Widows go at Red Rock, he made sure that they were not released anywhere close to any trails.

Vegas Bob let them go by some very small little holes in the cliff side because Black Widows like dark cool places.
Here are some photos that VB took when he first caught them at the (top) of the page and then towards the bottom when he let them go.

Vegas Bob was very sad after letting his pet Black Widows go, but he didn't want to take them to San Francisco.

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