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Enlightened by the "Beauty of Alaska" by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 2015

Enlightened by the Beauty of Alaska by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 2015

On my first visit to Alaska in 2001, I spent 7 days driving from Anchorage to Seward, Homer and Wasilla which is approx 1500 miles.
The memories of Alaska in 2001 lasted for many years after and at that time I was enlightened in Seward Alaska.

When I was in Seward in 2001 I climbed a mountainside made of shale, approx 1000 feet. And when I reached the top, I had a 360 degree view of Seward and the bay.
The peace of mind that ran through my mind and body was very hard to explain. And while I was siting there looking at the "Beauty of Alaska"and there were 4 large Bald Eagles flying only 30 feet from me going in large circles.
I just could not believe what I was seeing, and when I arrived back in the Lower 48 I wrote about my experience and told everyone.

Since my visit in 2001, I had the chance to visit 4 different times in 2014 with approx 90 days out of the 4 visits.
On my visit in 2014, I went to some of the same places I had visited in 2001. Only to find the "Beauty of Alaska" even more intense. Followed by many new places I had never seen.

I have traveled all through the States of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Tennessee, New Mexico and another dozen states in America. I have even traveled to Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries in South East Asian.

And through all my traveling, I have never come across any areas like the "Beauty of Alaska"
There have been areas that have come close, but just not as beautiful, wide open and untouched.

I know there are places in the world that might be as beautiful and or more beautiful, but I want to see them for myself.
I have future plans of going to New Zealand and I do believe that there are areas of beauty that may come close to the "Beauty of Alaska" but I must see it to believe it.

All of the photographs on this post were taken in the fall of 2014. 
I have hundreds more and will be taking new photos of the "Beauty of Alaska in 2015.

"So Stay Tuned" ;o)

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