Sunday, February 8, 2015

How Many Times Have We Said Enough is Enough?

How Many Times Have we Said Enough is Enough?

For the most part, I am a very flexible person when it comes to things I don't like. 
But lately I have been asking myself will this never end? Or why do I keep dealing with certain life situations?
Maybe I am finally reaching that age in life, where I don't really like specific situations.
So instead of either complaining, whining, etc, it's just time to "Stop" them from occurring anymore.

For the most part, I am talking about parts of my life style, living quarters, etc.

So 2015 is going to really be a huge year for serious change, one way or another.
I am going to write down the things that I really want to change from now on instead of just thinking about them, and allowing them to happen over and over.

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