Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Please Raise your Hand if you Speak English - Only 30 out of 100 people ;o(

Please Raise your Hand if you Speak English - Only 30 out of 100 people ;o(

What happened to the America I once knew?
Where did all the English speaking people go?
When did Spanish become the number one spoken language in America?

Did I just wake up from a 50 year comma?
It seems like the older I get the more I don't understand what people are saying anymore, because they are not speaking the language I grew up with when I was younger ;o(

In 2014 I spent approx 90 days over a 5 month period in Alaska. And I would say that around 95% of the population of Anchorage speaks English.
So whenever I come back to Las Vegas or parts of California, I start feeling like I missed something.
Missed something or just can't understand what's going on around the South West because all I hear is the Spanish language, sometimes I even feel like I am in Mexico.
I would say off the top of my head that 70% of the language I hear all around me is ... Spanish.

Maybe this is another big reason I keep wanting to go back to Alaska ;o)

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