Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Fathers Day to my father Robert G Swetz Sr, Family and the ActiveRain Network ;o)

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz would like to wish his father Robert G Swetz  Sr a very "Happy Fathers Day" ;o)

Vegas Bob would also like to wish everyone at the ActiveRain network a wonderful Fathers Day.

The photo above was taken on Fremont Street Las Vegas Nevada in 2013. My father Robert Swetz Sr is standing above, my brother Greg, sister Wendy, sister-in-law Michelle, brother-in-law Ron, and my brothers sons, Logan and Jake, the two little girls, Sherry and Kalina.
This is the last time my father was ever to visit Las Vegas Nevada because he doesn't use the airlines anymore ;o(

The photo above was taken at Knife Lake in Mora Minnesota in 2010 at my grandfathers lake home. My father on the left, my son Jeffrey on the right and Sherry below.

And one of my favorite photos above was also taken at Knife Lake in Mora Minnesota in 1989. Four generations on Swetz's with my grandfather Steven Swetz, who passed away not long after this photo was taken in the middle, my father Robert Swetz on the right and my so Jeffrey with the red pants.

Time continues to fly by very fast so Vegas Bob will be calling his father and planning a visit to him this year in northern Minnesota ;o)

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