Monday, June 15, 2015

Vegas Bob is counting the days before he visits Alaska "The Last Frontier"

South Anchorage Alaska from a bluff by Robert Swetz 2014

Every day that comes to an end brings me closer to my next visit to "The Last Frontier" in beautiful Alaska.
And for anyone that has been following Vegas Bob and his  posts about Alaska know how excited he is to get back up there ;o)
In fact most of Vegas Bob's friends ask him all the time, why he doesn't live up in Alaska?
The second week of July will make Robert Swetz's 5 time to Alaska. Robert's first visit was in 2000, followed by three visits in 2014 and now July in 2015.
Vegas Bob is a very spur of the moment person and when a opportunity comes along or a chance to go somewhere, VB just goes.
Vegas Bob was asked by a person he hardly knew in Las Vegas for almost three years if he wanted to visit them in Alaska, and the rest is history.
Vegas Bob's favorite state in the "Lower 48" for beauty is California and then Oregon.
Vegas Bob has never been to Hawaii yet ...
But when it comes to beauty in all the states in America, Alaska is running 1st, followed by California, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, etc.

    Kenai  Peninsula 20 miles south of Anchorage by Robert Swetz 2014

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