Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Is it possible Vegas Bob may have outgrown the Activerain network?

When Robert Vegas Bob Swetz first joined the Activerain network back in January 2008, it was exciting ...

In fact Robert Swetz was so into the Activerain network back in 2008, that he founded 20+ groups at the AR network that he continues to moderate.

The Activerain network has had it's ups and downs over the years, but then again so does every network.

Over the many years that Robert plugging the Activerain network, he was given the name "Vegas Bob" from some of the members that have now since left AR.

And when Activerain was purchased by Trulia which was then bought out by Zillow, many other friends and associates of Vegas Bob left ;o(

There still are a handful of friends and associates of Vegas Bob's that have stayed with Activerain, but the network has lost so much of the fun, excitement and close knit feel.

And no Vegas Bob really doesn't need a break from blogging and or the Activerain network. 
Vegas Bob will continue to post and blog to his 4 Google+ accounts, Blogger.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Over the next several weeks, Vegas Bob is really going to think hard about his presence at Activerain. And whether it's really worth all the hard work he puts into it.

I do know along with all the other members that Ben Kinney will be purchasing the Activerain network from Zillow, but Vegas Bob is wondering if this enough, and or if the network will really swing around???

Anchorage Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
Anchorage Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014


  1. VB, I think the new Ben Kinney group will make a big difference and things will get better. At least I hope so..

  2. Hello Bob, I think your right, it's kind of disappointing having through so many ups and downs.
    And the sale to Trulia that was later bought by Zillow was a real slap in the face for the Activerain members.
    VB will more than likely hang around, but the thrill is gone for VB ;o(