Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Will Robert Vegas Bob Swetz live in Alaska in 2016?

Will Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz live in the state of Alaska in the year 2016?

Well this is a very good question and many readers of Vegas Bob's posts and blogs might already have the answer.

Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz tries to live in the "NOW" and believes that yesterday is the past (over) and tomorrow doesn't exist.
Vegas Bob also believes that the Past and the Future are only illusions, and until the Past and the Future become NOW ...

They are nothing!

So that being said, Robert Swetz takes everyday, "One Day at a Time" and cannot really answer the question to the title of this post.

Robert will be arriving in Anchorage Alaska July 10th 2015, and will be spending 2 weeks on vacation at "The Last Frontier" ;o)

And even though Vegas Bob lives in The "NOW", he is a very "Spur of the Moment" type of person.
And that being said, Vegas Bob has been known to just pick up and take off to just about anywhere, anytime whenever he wants.

So don't be surprised if Vegas Bob spends 2016 in beautiful Alaska in 2016.

    Turn Lake Kenai Peninsula Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014

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