Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saying Goodbye to a Musical Genius named Prince

Saying Goodbye to a Musical Genius named Prince

I was awoken in Anchorage Alaska 3 hours behind Minnesota time early morning of 4-21-2016 with a sudden unknown feeling, a feeling of uncertainty???

48 hours from today as I went online and turned on the television early Thursday morning, it was all over the news that Prince had passed away.

Both Prince and I were both born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota and Prince was born 4 days after me on June 7th 1958, and I feel we had a connection in a spiritual way.
Even though it might seem that Prince's body on earth passed away with no loved ones around him at his home in Paisley Park, there is love from Prince's maker and many others that weren't with him at that moment.

Prince was a Musical Genius, a mentor to many in the Music Industry and loved by millions across the world.
I believe that his life on earth was very painful from the loss of others around him, and we very rarely saw these emotions from Prince during his performances and everyday life.

You have gone to a better place my friend, you will be missed by many and your music will live on forever.
Some may call you Prince Rogers Nelson, Jamie Starr Alexander, Never mind Joey Coco or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

I will just call you FREE ... 


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