Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What Robert Swetz has learned about the Internet over the last 10 years

What Robert Swetz has learned about the Internet over the last 10 years ...

The Internet/World Wide Web is full of blogs, stories, photos, videos, along with comments, opinions, facts, lies and so much more.

What I have found during the last 10 years of being connected with the World Wide Web is, you really don't know who the person is on the other side of your screen.
95% of the people connected to social media always load up old photos of themselves, especially persons in the Real Estate Industry.
Most of their profile photos are 5-10-15 years old because first of all they don't want to look old, second they don't think potential clients will purchase real estate from an older person.

The w.w.w. is also full of lies and twisted truth about where a person went to school, age, education, who they know and so much more.
The w.w.w. is full of jealous peoples opinions on subjects that can be rude, bashing and so much more.

Robert Swetz has come to the conclusion with the w.w.w. to (never) judge a book by it's cover. 
Be careful about who you might think is on the other end of a email, computer screen, etc.
And until you personally meet the person you follow, interact with over the w.w.w. more than likely they (do not) look like the person on their profile page.

Here is a photo that was taken in Anchorage Alaska of Robert Swetz and Lin Adrian 4-12-2016.


  1. Great observations all, and the internet is continually changing too. I don't like the personal attacks that happen from some people when they disagree with you either.