Friday, April 22, 2016

What happened to Prince, David Bowie, Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson?

What happened to Prince, David Bowie, Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson?

With another loss of a Super Star named Prince yesterday I ask this question myself ... What would you do if Today was the Last Day of your Life?

Losing so many Super Stars that influenced our lives in such a short time really puzzles me. The passing of David Bowie was such a huge loss and before his death he had put out a new CD and seemed fine to the public eye.

The loss of Whitney Houston was also a shock and complete loss to her family, friends and fans.

And of course we cannot forget the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson who influenced the music industry in so many ways.
So really what happened to all these Super Stars that have left us on earth at such a young age?
I know some may have been sick, but I think there is something more devastating that hasn't been addressed.


I would be willing to bet $100,000 dollars that everyone of these Super Stars were taking Prescription Drugs.

All Prescription Drugs have 'Side Effects' and side effects are means of having to take another prescription drug to ease the side effect.

I personally (Do Not) take any prescription drugs, never have and hope to never start. I have found homeopathic natural herbs that help me with any pains of getting older.

Until we learn to say NO to prescription drugs prescribed by Doctors we will continue to see Famous people, family and friends dying at early ages.

I blame prescription drugs and drugs period for the loss of so many Super Stars that have walked this earth.

Elvis Presley

Jimmy Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Marilyn Monroe

John Belushi

Keith Moon

Heath Ledger

River Phoenix

And the list goes on and on ;o(          "Say No to Drugs"


  1. I don't think these people even explore homeopathic drugs.

    1. Well Gary, I think you may be wrong!
      For the most part many of them have drugs around them because of the industry that their in, but I think are are some out there that may want to live longer and or take care of their spirit and soul.
      When are you going to join my platform ;o)