Monday, December 19, 2016

Vegas Bob will be Home Alone for Christmas

Vegas Bob will be Home Alone for Christmas

Christmas is coming up very quick this year and Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob will not be going to Alaska to be with his wife and boys. Robert will not be going to Las Vegas to be with his brother and family, and will not be going to the Midwest to spend Christmas with his father and other relatives.

So what is Vegas Bob going to do for Christmas 2016? 

I don't know!

Vegas Bob is trying to get some co-workers to invite him over for a Christmas lunch or dinner.
Or Vegas Bob was thinking of going to Phil's Fish Market at Moss Landing to have some Halibut, Crab if it's open Christmas Day.
But eat alone on Christmas Day, that would kind of be lonely ;o(

Maybe someone might see Vegas Bob eating alone on Christmas Day some where and ask him to join them.
Vegas Bob will be staying in San Jose California for the 4 day Christmas weekend and if anyone has a extra chair at the table for a Christmas meal, you know how to reach him ...


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