Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chinese Investors Continue to Increase Home Values Across the World

Chinese Investors Continue to Increase Home Values Across the World

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been putting his feelers out around the world trying to find out "WHY" home prices across the world continue to increase.
Vegas Bob doesn't mean to pick on the Chinese but multi-millionaire's & billionaire's from China continue to purchase homes around the world in major cities. 
I just found out from my tax man in Las Vegas that was born & raised in Australia that the Chinese continue to purchase homes in Sidney Australia and have their children go to schools in Sidney.
The main problem is the average home in Sidney because of this is now going for around $2,000,000 dollars ... WTF?

Another major city that continues to grow in over inflated home values is San Francisco, because the Chinese and other investors from the world continue to purchase homes. 
Average home in San Francisco is now way over $1,000,000.

Another major city that the Chinese continue to purchase homes which is jacking the home values up is Vancouver Canada. Average home price in Vancouver runs about $589,795.

Now there are other cities around the United States and around the world that are getting jacked inflated home values because of the Chinese investors and others from around the world.

My question would be is this really a good thing having Foreign Investors purchasing all these homes in cities across the world?

And how are they getting away with purchasing these homes when many of them don't even live here? 

And with all these inflated home values in so many cities with great employment, how will so many Americans be able to afford these high prices?

Vegas Bob thinks something needs to be done about this problem because it seems to be getting out of hand ... ;o(

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