Sunday, February 5, 2017

Vegas Bob is Tired of Illegal Aliens Doing His Work in Las Vegas Nevada

Vegas Bob is Tired of Illegal Aliens Doing His Work in Las Vegas Nevada

Ever since crash of the Real Estate in the United States illegal aliens have continued pouring into the country working for non-union companies taking union workers jobs away in the construction industry.
Illegals find their way across the border and flee to certain cities, find a place to hide and get fake Social Security Cards, fake drivers license, etc.
In Las Vegas Nevada illegals go to the cross street of North Pecos & East Bonanza to get their fake SS cards and or fake drivers license. And how would Vegas Bob know this? Because I have worked with people from Mexico that told me this.
In fact around 10 years ago I became very good friends with a worker from Mexico and he said you Americans are so stupid!
You just don't get it or see what's going on do you?
The people from Mexico have an agenda. We keep coming to America, have 5-6 children per family sometimes more and most Americans only have 2 children in their family.
Just do the math and you will see that as time goes on the Mexican population will grow larger then the Americans and or Caucasians that have been born and raised in America.

Vegas Bob doesn't have any problems with people from Mexico and or people that were born here from ancestors from Mexico. In fact Vegas Bob has some very close friends for 10-20 years that are Latino or Hispanic from Mexico.
And it's not just the illegals from Mexico that are taking Americans jobs away. There are some Chinese, African, Middle Eastern, South Americans, illegals from Southeast Asia, Russia and many other parts of the world.

The United States Government and Congress have to put a stop to all the illegal aliens coming into America before it's too late, if it's not already.
I seriously believe Corporate America pays off the government so they look the other way. Because Corporate America only cares about MONEY and the profits they make from employing illegal aliens in America.
I seriously think that the greed of money and huge Corporations in America will lead to the fall of America.

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