Monday, February 13, 2017

Personally Vegas Bob would Never purchase a Home For Sale By Owner

Personally Vegas Bob would Never purchase a Home For Sale By Owner

Lately Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been seeing more and more For Sale By Owner signs, homes listed on Zillow, Trulia and several other real estate networks.

And I have been wondering why?

Personally I think that Homes For Sale By Owner are a liability. Why would buyers buy from and owner when the services using a Real Estate Agent are FREE?

When purchasing a home straight from a owner (not) using a real estate agent it would be a wise decision to hire an attorney to look over the contract, run the purchase through title to make sure there are no liens on the home, make sure the property taxes are paid and up to date, make sure there in no capped well, sewage pipes, septic system, foreclosure on the home and so much more.

Many years ago Vegas Bob use to purchase vacant land, vacant lake lots and even vacant commercial properties.
But for some reason I would never purchase a home straight from a owner.
 It's not because I am a real estate agent myself. 
And don't think that because the home owner is not using a real estate agent that your going to get a smoking deal.


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  1. All potential homebuyers should read your post. When a house is for sale by the owner, only the seller benefits, the buyer does not. By the time the buyer has an attorney look over the contract and pays to have a title search done, the house isn't such a bargain after all.