Monday, September 11, 2017

Robert Swetz will never forget 9/11

Robert Swetz will never forget 9/11

In 1982 I had the privilege of visiting New York City with the John Robert Powers Company.
I spent 5 nights at the Waldorf Astoria set up by the JRP company along with 30 other students.

I loved New York City, Manhattan, the disco night clubs, Statue of Liberty, going to the top of the Empire State building, Chrysler building and yes ... to the top of one of the World Trade Towers. 

I never thought in a million years that terrorist's would destroy such a landmark of NYC and the United States, but they did.

At around 7:00am September 9th 2001 my brother ran out to the garage of his business in northern Minnesota. He said quickly come into the house and look what's on television, it looks like Hollywood is making a movie.

Well it wasn't a movie but actual film footage of jet airliners being flown into the World Trade Towers.
We were totally shocked and weren't really sure if it was real or what.

As most of you know the rest of the story, I will never forget my visit to NYC in 1982 or the horrible tragedy of 9/11.
I hope and pray that nobody sweeps this under the rug like it never happened and continues to pray for all the lost lives and families that dealt with this.


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