Thursday, September 28, 2017

The National Football League NFL by Robert Swetz

The National Football League NFL by Robert Swetz

I started watching the NFL with my father and neighbors when I was about 8 years old, and I remember it well.
Over the last 20 years I stopped watching football because I lost interest, and thank God. I think I may have watched half of one Super Bowl in the last 15 years.

Personally I think football players are all over paid actors and now that the players have brought politics into the game, it is even more disappointing.
Football players kneeling and or not standing for the American Flag and National Anthem is a total disgrace to the NFL, Fans and or anyone watching a game.
They might as well wear shirts of have signs that say ...

Fuc_ the American Flag


Fuc_ President Trump

Why don't the players just do what their suppose to do and act on the field and give the viewers a show?
This type of situation is similar to all the Movie Stars stating if Donald Trump becomes president we are all moving to Canada, and the dummies are still here.

Maybe all the football players that are kneeling should quit football and join the Armed Forces, Air force, Army, Marines of Navy and fight for America when we go to war with North Korea!

There are enough problems with the news media, their lies, riots, protests, tearing down of statues, etc.
All you see around America is ...

Poor me, I'm the wrong color!
Poor me, I'm the wrong sex!
Poor me, I'm to old!
Poor me I'm to young!
Poor me, I was born in the wrong country!
Poor me, there's a Republican as president, Democrat, etc.

Poor me, Poor me ... Pour me another Drink

Americans need to get their shit together, Unite and spread Love around the Country instead of Hatred

"It's so Barbaric" ;o(

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