Saturday, January 6, 2018

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be working at GOOGLE

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be working at GOOGLE

Around May/June 2018 Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been asked if he would like to work on the new Google construction project in Mountain View California in Silicon Valley.

The only problem Robert is facing is Las Vegas Nevada will be starting another 3-4 year boom May/June 2018 with The Raiders Stadium, Resorts World Las Vegas, Paradise Park by (Steve Wynn) and a pro basketball stadium just to name a few.

Robert started visiting and traveling through the state of California in the mid 70's as a teenager and fell in love with the area so many years ago.
Since then Robert has lived in San Francisco, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Carpenteria and has been living in San Jose working construction for the last 3 years.

There are pros and cons on working at Google in Mountain View or working in Las Vegas. Both areas will be full of overtime and making serious money.

Several benefit's of working in Las Vegas is my wife is living there, (no) state income tax, homes are only 1/4 of the price as the Bay Area and I am licensed to sell Real Estate in Nevada.

Several benefit's of working in the Bay Area are milder summer temperatures, (double time) vs overtime on weekends and after 10 hours, one hour from the ocean and so much more to do over the weekends and time off.

Robert is really fit to be tied and has gone back and forth with whether he is going to continue working in the Bay Area and or work in Las Vegas.
Today is Saturday January 6th 2018 and I might find a great Fortune Teller and have my cards and fortune read today ;o)

Here is a link on the new GOOGLE project stating in May 2018 ... (click on Google below)


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