Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Yes Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Reads Tarot Cards

Yes Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Reads Tarot Cards

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz owns a Tarot card deck and has been reading Tarot cards for 35 years.
Robert Swetz's ancestors on his mother's side come from Romania along with Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) on his Father's side so you could say Robert is a bit of a gypsy.

There are some people that think reading Tarot is evil but I think it's just fine. 
Robert Swetz has a Riders Tarot Deck wrapped in Silk to hold the energy of the cards, and word has it people that read Tarot cards should never read their own.

Robert has to make a big decision on whether he is going to stay in California and work construction or go back to Las Vegas.
Robert has been set up in the Bay Area (Mountain View) in May 2018 to work at Google, and has also been set up to work at Resorts World Las Vegas in May 2018.

Robert is very undecided on which project he is going to work on, there is no gut feeling and both projects have their pros & cons.

Robert knows he cannot work at both projects so he has set up a Tarot Reading on Thursday after work 1/25/2018 and the cards will decide where he will be working in summer 2018.

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