Friday, February 23, 2018

WATER and POWER - A California Heist


Over the long weekend a friend of mine texted me the name of a great documentary on Netflix he said I must watch, and so I did watch this great movie.

I have been traveling back and forth from Las Vegas to San Jose now for around 4 years for work. On my long 8 hour drives I would drive through Bakersfield and then around 180 miles on Interstate 5. 

I-5 runs right through the Central Valley of California and during my drive I would see all these signs about water, etc on the sides of the Interstate. 

Signs that read ... Water is for growing Food, No Water, Government Politics Controlling our Water, etc. Over 50% of the farm fields are dried up dirt with no crops growing for many years.
There are even families around these areas that have not had water in their homes for years.
And as soon as I viewed this movie WATER and POWER - A California Heist I know what the real reason was for the drought.

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