Friday, January 27, 2012

Please Don't List Homes on MLS like this, it's a waste of my time and money showing them!

Vegas Bob was showing homes the other day to some clients and this was one of the last homes that I showed. My clients were very excited to look at this home because the area was great for them, the square footage was what they were looking for and the home had great "Curb Appeal"
As we walked through a beautiful stained glass door we were shocked at what we saw ...

Over half of the carpet had been torn up, there was painted figures on the walls, holes in the walls all through the home, torn out items out of closets and more.
This home was built in 2009 and was listed on MLS, and did not mention anywhere about being a "Fixer-upper" etc.
I have shown homes that have been worse then this that were many years older. But this home is very new and with such great Curb Appeal should have never been listed like this on MLS ...

So ATTENTION Listing Agents and Banks ...

Please Stop wasting my time & money Listing Homes like this and it'[s embarrassing

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