Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vegas Bob just missed a 1.5 million dollar investment ... ;o(

Vegas Bob just missed a 1.5 million dollar investment ... ;o(

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has been hiking around "Calico Basin" at Red Rock State park in Nevada only 20 minutes from Las Vegas.
Vegas Bob and his wife Nu Nu had their eyes on a 5 acre partial around 3 years ago. When ever VB would go hiking around Calico Basin, which is about 2-3 times per week he would always stand on the top of the 5 acre partial. VB would daydream that some day he would purchase the property.
3 years ago VB & Nu Nu met the owners on the property, at that time VB asked the owner how much they were asking for the 5 acre partial. The owner said he would sell the partial for 275,000 CASH. VB asked if they would take 50,000 down and carry the balance for 5 years, the owner said no ... that they wanted cash for another investment.
Well ... VB was hiking around Calico Basin today 1-18-2012 and there was a Real Estate sign on the property, so VB called the agent to ask if the property was still for sale.
The agent called back and said the 5 are partial was in contract and sold for ...

2 Million dollars ...

When I listened to the message on my voice mail I almost started crying, called my wife Nu Nu and mentioned to her that we missed the chance of making 1.5 Million dollars in a 3 year period ... ;o(

Vegas Bob is very and will run with his instincts next time ...

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